dinsdag 5 juni 2012

Jamie Jones to release sophomore album

On the 25th of June Jamie Jones will be releasing his second album. Jones’s first album was called Don’t You Remember the Future, and this go around he’s given his album the name Tracks From the Crypt. It will be released through Crosstown Rebels and it will feature twelve tracks.

They are tracks from the crypt!, Louis DuBochiere cried out when he saw the footsteps close to the Egyptian Tomb. It wasn’t very likely to begin with, but since the tomb had been in the Metropolitan Museum for years without so much as moving an inch, why it would decide to do something on a cold day in March in the year 2012 was beyond almost everyone in the room. What is he going to do, Mimmi Liebowitz cried out, eat breakfast at La Sa’s? Maybe he  went for some hot chocolate, Harry Ritzer said. Would it kill them to turn up the heat here? 
This rubbed one of the employees of the Met the wrong way as, he said, It would be detrimental to the state of some of the more fragile pieces. Ahhh, who cares about them, what about the comfort of your guests? Sure, you can have some paintings in perfect state, who’s gonna watch if they could also have some tea at Sally’s around the corner? Oh, I didn’t know that was still open? Yeah yeah, it’s still open, prices have gone up a bit, but it’s still open. And they’ve added Rum-Raisin flavour too! After five minutes of additional Oh-and-Ahing everyone had gone off to Sally’s to try the Rum-Raisin tea, which left the coast clear for the mummy to finally return without being noticed, thinking, Goodness, humans, why can’t they ever decide on anything quickly?

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