dinsdag 5 juni 2012

Walkmen to release new album in June

Veteran indie rock band The Walkmen have released their new album today, on the 5th of June. The album will be called Heaven and will feature Robin Pecknold of the Fleet Foxes. The release is in the hands of Fat Possum/Bella Union, and it will contain tracks called ‘We Can’t Be Beat’, ‘Heartbreaker’, and ‘Love is Luck’.

In his paper Why Missing A Train Has Led To More Couples Meeting Than When You Actively Try To Find Your Perfect Partner, and Other Love Stories, Dr. H.G. Menkowicz has stated his believe that love, indeed, is luck. He proposes that if you try to find someone, you are only acting on reason, what job, what does that person like, how does he look, does he fit what I had in mind for myself. Because you are so pre-occupied with this, you are blocking out the most important thing about love, namely feeling, instinct, a connection that in most cases cannot be explained (and surely many of his friends thought his marriage to that dog of a wife of his was quite inexplicable). 
When dating agencies came to him with statistics of divorce rates, Menkowicz waved them off, saying Ahh, who cares about them. People can stay together for their whole lives without having loved each other a single moment, and people can break up after two years having been completely and utterly mad for each other the whole time. Whomever defined love as something everlasting was an idiot. Probably some schmuck kid who didn’t want his parents to divorce, why take stock in that?

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