dinsdag 20 december 2011

Our Top 50 Favorite Tracks Countdown - 35 - 31

Yessir, it has started, the countdown of the 50 best tracks of 2011! Everyday I’ll post one track in the Daily Clip section, but if you missed one don’t worry, after each batch of five I’ll be sure to post those songs with links on the site (you’ll find it in the main post). So for the next 50 days, nothing but the best, here we go!

The clip is the original, so don’t be fooled, but I couldn’t find a stream of this edit anywhere unfortunately. But it keeps that vibe from the original, namely very disco, very over the top, and very happy and merry and gay. And if you aren’t getting that from the song, you might want to watch this original performance that might spell it out for you. But this is on here for a reason, namely because it is just so fun! So much fun, very sexy and over the top, and women speaking out about wanting sex. So hey, it’s not a guy thing after all.

The album is absolutely amazing, and this gives  good preview of it. The track is a good example of this distinct sound these lads have crafted for themselves, which is quite remarkable given this is their debut. The art of repetition is on full display here, and these guys know how to keep it rolling, and this track surely does. At the third minute mark you get a brief breather, but soon they are back to their loopy kind of ways, to everyone’s delight (at least, to my delight). And there are even some vocals in here as well, which never try and steal the spotlight but which are perfectly integrated into the song. If you like this, take a chance on the album, that’s my little secret tip for ya right there.

Storm Queen positively killed it with ‘Look Right Through’, which is just the most amazing track. This year Morgan Geist, for Storm Queen is an alias, released this little gem. Not quite up there with ‘Look Right Through’ for me personally, but still it delivers the goods. It has got this nice, deep beginning. The vocals are lovely rhythmic. It creates such a nice house vibe this. I mean, try not to dance to this one, you won’t succeed surely. Storm Queen just keeps on hitting these out of the park, and he keeps on giving DJs the tools to get the house a movin’. And those vocals, hotdamn. And it is not too crowded, I love that, it just has the beat, the rhythm, the vocals. And seriously, what more do you need? And then I’m not even talking about the change-up three minutes in.

I love how this one flows. And it has something decidedly French to it in terms of aesthetics for me. Which is quite easy for me to say since they are French and the lyrics are French, but there’s just something about that vibe that strikes me as French for some reason or another. It has a certain delicacy to it. Something midnight-at-the-Seine like or something, it could easily accompany a clip of a Nouvelle Vague outtake as far as I’m concerned. And did I already mention that I really like the flow of it and the overall delicate feel of this?

Okay, don’t let the start fool you, this is actually a great tune. After that strange thing at the starts with the horns it gets to work and it delivers. Nice bass and guitar work there to get you a dancing, and then Betty Wright comes in with those amazing vocals asking her soupse or boyfriend where that love exactly is that was promised to her. Wright released an album with The Roots this year, but for me I would pick this edit of one of her old tunes any day of the week. It has that old disco vibe, Krivit lets Wright shine quite enough, but it does give the song enough oomph and it has it propelling forward quite nicely. If you like your old school vocal disco, this is an edit you shouldn’t be missing out on. By the way, the horns that appear throughout the song are far more fitting for this song, and they do a great job getting the disco on the dancefloor.

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