zondag 1 juli 2012

Our favorite albums of the first part of the year- Nr. 10

So here we are again. Nothing changes, it all stays the same, nothing ever happens. For the umpteenth time now, we put in our 2 cents of what has been doing it for us in the first half of this year music wise. Hopefully you can find something in there that you agree with, which you overlooked at first, or which you maybe never even heard of. So much great music out there, this is our little grab out of that hat, enjoy!
10. Linda
Artist: Moonface with Sinaii
Album: Heartbreaking Bravery
Label: Jagjaguwar

First, some honorable mentions: Honourable mentions: Liars – WIXIW; Sharon van Etten – Tramp; Nite Jewel – One second of Love; Phantogram – Nightlife (Don't move is my track of the year so far); Japandroids – Celebration Rock
Now, to the album. It’s Spencer Krug does Bowie, Thin White Duke era (unfortunately without the actual white stuff, so it doesn't measure up entirely).

10. Stef
Artist:Peter Visti 
Album: Illusions in a Twisted Mind
Label: Baer Funk
There is one major downside to this album, namely that I really dislike the fourth track on this album. That makes it that, album wise, it edges into my top ten instead of firmly sitting somewhere around the middle. Because, that track aside, this is an album with some fabulous disco&house tracks. The thing I love most are those violins. That opening of the album for example, those strings add so much atmosphere from the get go, which puts it a notch above just the average beat & bass tune or whatever. That first moment at 1:11, when that kicks in, wow, amazing stuff. That certainly puts it a step beyond the generic club stuff.
The first track has this kind of spoken word thing going on, but for example in the third track you’ve got a female vocalist whispering little French words in your ear, whereas on other songs it shifts into English and enticement, for example when the lady asks if you can feel it on the track with exactly that name. There’s plenty of variety in there, from the strings of ‘My Advice’ to the almost Latin American guitar plucking on ‘Among Angels’, and those things also manage to give every song its own, unique feel and atmosphere (and Visti packs that in there). Too bad about that one song though, because I just cannot put an album higher than this on an album list if I always skip a track smack down in the middle.

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