maandag 9 juli 2012

Our favorite albums of the first part of the year- Nr. 03

03: Linda
Artist: Errors
Album: Have Some Faith in Magic
Label: Rock Action Records
One Scot loses, another couple of them make it into this list. It will hardly make up for Murray's loss, but while Britain's sports trauma deepens, they ought to focus on the things they are good at (especially since they don't seem to have won anything since I moved here 3 years ago – apart from Chelsea's Champions League win of course, but as they're Russian owned, you can hardly call them British). 

So maybe Error's record comes at exactly the right time. There definitely seem to be a lot of errors going around, and faith in magic is what seems to be needed to keep our heads up. There are some catchy melodies on this album, and they even manage to keep the tracks and album exciting all the way through. It's their third full length and they really seem to have mastered the art of a good build up. Although their songs explore all kinds of different genres, from afro-rhythms via danceable indielectro to post-rock, together the tracks fit together better than Murray and his expressionless face (which we should love). 

03. Stef
Artist: Sebastien Tellier
Album: My God is Blue
Label: Record Makers
This album shows just a tremendous amount of craftsmanship which I can't help but admire. There is so much variety on there, from catchy songs with a slight beat to slower paced ballads, not to mention all the different kinds of instruments that are used as layers. On some you can hear some horns, there are a few strings there, occasionally a big guitar sound: it makes that every track has a different set up, a new sound that you can revel in.
Too much variety can sometimes be detrimental to the album’s cohesion, but not so here. It all seems to fit, it all sounds like it belongs on one album together. The fact that it sounds as an album, yet has so much variety in the songs itself, that’s class. Add to that the fact that it is very accessible despite the amount of layers and different instruments used, and then I think it is a very worthy entry in the top 3 of this list.

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