dinsdag 3 juli 2012

The Weekly Froth #46 (Drop Out Orchestra, Elijah Collins & Nist, Rogue Vogue, more)

The Weekly Froth! A weekly take on six tracks, most of which have recently popped up somewhere in the blogosphere. Bit of a mixed bag with a slight leaning towards house, disco, and remixes, but generally just anything that for some reason tickled the writer’s fancy.
Track of the week: ‘In the Dark’ by Drop Out Orchestra feat. Christopher Norman (NSFW remix)
Dutch producer NSFW had this awesome track earlier this year (‘Let U Go’), and Drop Out Orchestra has been churning out a lot of tunes the past months/years, but some of them are quite ace so no one is minding it probably. This remix is just so nice. It already starts with this catchy rhythm, and then the keys come in, some heavily distorted vocals, and this thing is up and running. Drop Out Orchestra really knows how to get the rhythm going, and their best works have this catchy feel that makes it both accessible and impossible not to dance to. After three minutes they put in a vocal part with the instruments on low volume, obviously working up to the return of the beat/main rhythm and the keys, which also play a huge role in this thing. Really good track/remix this. … Continue Reading

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