woensdag 4 juli 2012

Our favorite albums of the first part of the year- Nr. 07

So here we are again. Nothing changes, it all stays the same, nothing ever happens. For the umpteenth time now, we put in our 2 cents of what has been doing it for us in the first half of this year music wise. Hopefully you can find something in there that you agree with, which you overlooked at first, or which you maybe never even heard of. So much great music out there, this is our little grab out of that hat, enjoy!
07. Linda
Artist: Chairlift 
Album: Something 
Label: Young Turks

Everything on this album has been done before, mostly in the 80s, which happened a terrifying 30 years ago (terrifying as I was born in that decade and have memories from that decade, though I'm heavily in denial as to being associated to something that happened that long ago). Nevertheless, Chairlift's Something really manages to get me of my chair and dance embarrassingly through the living room (it's the only way I know how). 'Met before' is a real belter, and would have made my track of the year so far if Phantogram hadn't been around. 

As a good album requires, they're also pretty special in a live setting. Leaving out the few weaker tracks towards the end of the album, they're a real crowd pleaser. Anyone who secretly sings along to 'Take on Me' (=best pop song ever) will surely love this album. 

07. Stef
Artist: Drrtyhaze
Album: Love Loud
Label: Nang Records
Drrtyhaze’s debut record is just an amazing collection of fabulous house songs that should be burning holes in the dancefloor. There are some absolute killers on here, maybe chief amongst them ‘Giving You All of My Love’, which is an absolute knock-out. But a song like ‘Superhigh’ (listen below) is another perfect example of what this album is about. It has got a nice pace going, some lovely vocals that fit the bill, and it just has got that house thing going on with all the right sounds that keep this one propelling forward.

Also, they are all so very easy on the ear these songs are. Great bass and percussion on most songs, and it is not just listenable for the dancefloor and at extremely loud volume (though that’ll do just fine indeed), it doesn’t only have that club sound that some “club” tracks are guilty of. Most of these songs are between the six and nine minutes, most of these songs are really danceable, and all of these songs sound like they belong on the same album. Certainly a debut one can build on.

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