woensdag 18 juli 2012

The Daily Clip!

8De clip van de dag heeft elke dag een nieuwe clip, hopelijk zorgend voor een blijvende stroom van nieuwe, leuke, en/of goede muziek. Vandaag is de clip van de dag... *tromgeroffel*

‘Look at Where We Are’ by Hot Chip! Saw a bit of them on a live stream on YouTube this weekend I believe, and they sure can still make you dance. That sounded pretty good. This one not that dancey, and I still think they can do dance better than ballad, but that’s personal preference for you I suppose. Clip directed by Danny Perez and futures a bit of sci-fi elements. 

2 opmerkingen:

Linda zei

They even made it to Letterman earlier this week - I love how they're all beaming when he actually comes over to ask what the football shirt is all about :)

Stef zei

"They", just to clarify, referring to an earlier clip of the day by Los Campesinos!. And thanks for the vid!