zondag 15 januari 2012

My other fav things of 2011, and what I’m looking forward to in 2012

So, we are almost ready to resume our regular schedule here at IKRS with the winding down of our Top 50 Fav Tracks of 2011 Countdown and with our Top 10 fav Albums of 2011 lists just finished. First up, some other cultural and not so cultural things that stood out to me in 2011, and some things I’m looking forward to in 2012.
Fav movie - TIE: The Future by Miranda July and Midnight in Paris by Woody Allen
Fav gig: TIE: Pulp at Brixton Academy and Azari & III + Hercules and Love Affair @ de Melkweg
Fav video game - Football Manager 2012
Fav board game - Letters From White Chapel
Fav  book read - When Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things by Jon McGregor (2002)
Fav play read - The Balcony by Jean Genet (1958)
Most eye-opening book - From Reverence to Rape by Molly Haskell (1974)
Saddest Sports moment - Jerry Sloan stepping down as Utah Jazz head coach
Best sports moment - Bauke Mollema showing serious skills in the Vuelta (cycling)
Fav new television series - New Girl (gotta love the quirky humour)
Fav new thing to do - Drink tea not out of tea bags
First book I’m reading in 2012 -  Soft City by Jonathan Raban (1974)
Film I have high expectations for - My Darling Companion by Lawrence Kasdan with K. Kline and D. Keaton
First stupid thing I’ve done in 2012 - Pour boiling water over my arm
Sports thing I hope to happen - PSV to become national champion
Thing I need to buy - New friggin’ coat
Thing I want to buy - Some sort of apparatus to make grilled sandwiches
Thing I want someone to buy me - A train card for free travel all year round. And cookies.
Thing I want to do but I’m too scared to do anyway - Start a detective series with me filming my own actual endeavors as a detective with someone doing that film-noir voice-over of my life 24/7
Thing I still don’t want to do, not even in 2012 - Go on a cruise
Thing I hope to do more - meet and talk to new people
Thing I am looking forward to - de-Affaire Festival 2012 (if I’m still living in Nijmegen then, otherwise not so much)
Thing I am curious to see play out - Ron Paul in the Republican Primary and the revolution of America’s youth

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