maandag 2 januari 2012

Our Top 50 Favorite Tracks Countdown - 20 - 16

Yessir, it has started, the countdown of the 50 best tracks of 2011! Everyday I’ll post one track in the Daily Clip section, but if you missed one don’t worry, after each batch of five I’ll be sure to post those songs with links on the site (you’ll find it in the main post). So for the next 50 days, nothing but the best, here we go!
And we enter the top 20 with a Cut Copy tune! Shabbier ways to enter a top 20 there certainly are I think. Though the album Zonoscope as a whole didn’t really do it for me, some of the tracks, as well as the lads live, were amazing as usual. This one is my favorite of the album, because it is so terribly dancey and catchy. Love the chorus of please baby, don’t take my heart away, just safe it for another day, when you need my love some more. The rhythm is continuous  so you have no excuse to not dance. These guys excel in coming up with these dancey tunes that are easy on the ear and have a slight pop sensibility whilst not overdoing it. And I’m not really sure what’s not to love to be honest.
I had the pleasure of interviewing this DFA duo on the back of their quite excellent album Shangri-La, which is full of just fab songs (not to mention the Jacques Renault remix of ‘I Walked Alone’, which is ace as well). This song I perhaps love most. It’s this seven minute behemoth at the end of the album, when YACHT go dancey and get a moving. It is build on this great rhythm which you can really dance to, and it lovingly plays on that a bit. After a good minute the leading duo get into the fold with their very YACHTsy lyrics, all the while the main sound keeps on going and going. And it won’t let up, let me warn ya. Sometimes something gets added, sometimes something gets held back: but it keeps on coming. 
Love the start with the beat, the way it quickly seems to accelerate a bit, and then those deeper  synth tones come in. But what I perhaps love most of all are those vocals. It’s got this rhythm to it I really love. It’s not really really singing, but it is not spoken word either, but somewhere in between, and it provides a bit of spunk. It also just fits the music perfectly, which is perhaps the biggest draw of it all. It’s got a slight melancholic feel to it, perhaps because of the words “Oooh living it up like it’s real life” in the chorus. Love the strip back with mostly vocals and light key sounds, and there’s cowbell in it! And it fits the song as well! If that isn’t worth Nr. 18 then I don’t know what is.
This is one from early in the year, but it’s still high up on the list. This one starts lovely and fair enough, but it is when it gets that extra kick at 1:40 when it really gets me. That sound is just lovely, and I don’t mind them riding that at all. However, they thought it not enough and put in this lovely break in which they build back up to that sound again, and then get ready for it to get going with some extra gusto once more. Just fabulous to hear, and when those background aah-ha-haaaas come in, that’s what they call icing on the cake right there.
I remember doing this one for my Weekly Froth column, and at that time I hadn’t heard of Flight Facilities at all. But as you can see they really made a splash with this one for me. It just makes me happy. It has this whole positive vibe going for it, which is sure to get a smile on my face. This track is just so poppy and catchy it is hard not to like it, at least for me it has proven to be impossible not to like it. It is smooth, it keeps on rolling, and the vocals are very nice as well. A catchy, lovable pop song put together expertly.

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